You are what you ride

There are so many type of bicycles right now compared than few decades ago.

When I was a kid, there was basically only one type of bicycle in France, they were all handmade with steel frame, Balloon tires, fenders, rack and “moustache” handlebar.

The wheel sizes started from 300 up to 650B/C or A, then if you were an adult into sport of cycle racing you could pick 700c bicycles with drop handlebars and without fenders and rack.

Apart of 700c and 650c wheel sized, all bicycles were looking like you were going for a ride to or from the local church in elegant Sunday clothing, hence the mudguards.

Photo of many road bikes
You are what you ride

Nowadays there are so many type of bicycles categories and sub-categories it is amazing!

Pick BMX as an exemple, there are Flatland BMX, Race type, jump type, Street type…

Let’s look at Mountain Bike, here again the sub categories are plentiful with Cross Country, Trial, Free Ride, DownHill, Dirt Jump, Trail type, Touring type and Fat MTB.

Current world trend is big on Road Bike, it is said to be the “new golf”. Road Bikes also comes in a variety of styles, wether it is Road racing, cyclocross, time trial, triathlon, brevet, randonneur, touring, piste, etc…

Adding to the mix is the choice of material between Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, Magnesium, Bamboo and Woods.

So many opportunities to choose a bike that truly become an extension of ourself is an exciting era in sense of individuality.

Like it is said for dog owners, the bicycle you own mostly reflect your style and personality.

Tell me what bike do you own and you are proud of.

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