I am not a Runner…But getting there

As I have wrote in an earlier post I was born riding a bicycle and have spent my whole life cycling.

In fact cycling always felt more natural than walking to me and I always hated running especially at school.

Probably because of seeing my surrounding moving at what it felt like slow-mo compared with cycling got me bored to the point I never been patient enough to enjoy the sport of running.

Then a couple of years ago at the advent of my mid-forties I saw these beautiful ON Cloudflyer running shoes that I wanted so much it made me promised to myself I will run if I had such a nice pair of shoes.

Indeed, I kept my words to myself to this days and kept running regularly. So much that I have enrolled myself to run a couple of Half-marathon and even a Full Marathon which I had never thought I would enjoy so much that I now want to run more.


What’s wrong with me?

I am supposed to be a rider, not a runner!

Now I have completed my first Full Marathon and actually felt good after it I have added New York Marathon to my virtual Bucket list and try to grab as much hints and tips on how is the experience of running it.

I like reading James blog “The Morning Coffee Run” as it feels like he is a real human doing really hard stuff, it is a great motivational blog for me.

I am not a runner but getting there slowly.

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