Coffee Roaster Takou – Ōgaki City (大垣市)

A Cuppa For The Road

Last weekend I ran my last half-Marathon of the year in Ogaki City, Gifu prefecture.

Ogaki is small town located roughly 20 km West of Gifu city and less than 50km from Nagoya city.

Ogaki is unusual in Japan for having two beautiful castles, one located in town and the other 5km outside the city center.

I highly recommend the trip for the picturesque setting.

And while I am making recommendation about Ogaki tourist spots I want to mostly recommend the Coffee Roaster Takou cafe shop.

Despite being 500m from the train station and on the main street it is discreet and it took me few times to pass in front of it and realize there was a gem hidden behind the messy shop front where bikes are parked.

Enter the Cafe and you get greeted by a Fuji Royal’s 3km R-103 Roaster and some bags of coffee beans waiting to be roasted.

At the same time many aromas warmly welcome you and this is the moment you realize the meaning of the name of the place is “many scents” for “Takou” (多香). Coffee_takou_ogaki_japan_cafe_コーヒー

Mr. Takaki, the certified coffee master and his mother acting as trainee assistant are passionately taking care of serving great coffees and home made waffles.

I ordered a cuppa of Rwanda (Coffee of the Month) which was served in a unique cup made in Japan by a local ceramic artisan. The coffee was fantastic, the cup interesting.

Choosing the cups you want to drink your coffee in is part of the “fun”.


If you ever pass by Ogaki I highly recommend the Coffee Takou Cafe roaster.

Coffee Takou cafe Roaster [♥♥♥]
Address 1-1-5 Ogaki-shi Ogaki-shi, Gifu Prefecture
Telephone / Fax 0584-82-7589
Opening Hours 8: 00 ~ 18: 00
Closed holiday Every Tuesday

珈琲自家焙煎の店 珈琲幸房多香 [♥♥♥]
所在地 岐阜県大垣市東外側町 1-1-5
電話/Fax 0584-82-7589
営業時間 8:00~18:00
定休日 毎週火曜日

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