Running Ohme Marathon (青梅マラソン)

One week back after my trip in France I ran the 2019 Ohme Marathon which is actually a 30km Road running race, not a 42k event.

I entered the race totally unfit and under trained as I got flu virus two weeks before going to France and then went to France for 10 days with only one run training.

At first I thought to not enter the race as I was so unfit but then on second thought I decided to give it a run at least use it as a practice run.

Ohme city (青梅市) is located in the western countryside area of Tokyo where hills start to look like mountains. The course was is a simple go and back with some uphills section in the last half.

The pace at the start of the race was uptempo for me which might be expectable for a 30k versus 42k. Experienced runners knows they can run faster than the mythical 42k distance.

My legs started to give signs of fatigue around 10k mark so I started to give myself short terms goals like “okay, let’s give it a go to 15k and see how it goes from there” and the same thereafter every 5k until I reached the Finish line amazed I could actually complete the race within the time limit.Ohme_marathon_30k_road_race_japan

The Ohme Marathon is one of the most famous marathon in Japan, it was actually more famous than Tokyo City Marathon until recently. The supporting local crowd all along the course really makes a difference when you run (at least for me).

Overall the race was a great experience thanks to the spectators. The organization itself is not the best I have encountered yet in my short running “career”.

The registration period for this race is in September, at the time I was almost at the peak performance in my training schedule as I focussing for the Kobe city Marathon (神戸マラソン). I arrived at Ohme city in February relatively untrained except for my mental. I realized I got much stronger mentally and could finish the race thanks to this focused mind.

I am born cyclist and as the warmer weather comes I’ll get more riding while keeping running as base core to stay fit during busy weekdays when time is limited.

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