Base Coffee – Ichinomiya (一宮市)

Part of the the joy of cycling comes from the opportunities stop at Cafés along the ride. All of the cafés I review on this blog are top notch cafés which means they roast carefully selected coffee beans and and are not chain stores.

This time I introduce one of my favorite spot to hang my Titanium Café Racer, the Base Coffee roaster.

DMCX Titanium bicycle hanging front of coffee shop
Cafe Racer in full action

A Cuppa For The Road

Base Coffee is located in Ichinomiya city, Aichi (愛知県),  it is one of those great cafés that are to be on the “Must-go-to” list of Café Racers alike. The café is cyclist friendly with a bike stand at the front of the shop and close enough to Nagoya to make it a casual ride.

Coffee is roasted daily in various roast by the highly knowledgeable staff about coffee… And chocolate too for that matter as cocoa is also roasted on site.

There is always a great selection of coffee beans to choose including but not limited to Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Columbia.

3 cups of coffees and a chocolate cake served with a ball of ice cream
Coffee degustation set allows to taste different coffees in one trip

Every time I go to Base Café and I can appreciate the consistency of the welcoming staff to deliver great customer experience. Everything is spot on, the ambiance created by the design of the interior matched with nice music, freshly roasted and brewed coffee aromas.

empty jars of home made cookies
So many good things

I highly recommended it as a Café Racer spot that I includes on rides around the area. There are good little roads leading out of Nagoya toward the North. There are no hills on the 20km trip to get there from Nagoya so it makes a good ride for casual cycling or can be use as mid-stage stop en route to a longer ride like our “Dutch Loop”.

a cup of coffee, chocolate cake and vanilla beside on a wood table
A cuppa for the road!

Be warned, “Petit Gateau au Chocolat” is irresistible and goes well with Ethiopia’s beans!

Base Coffee Co., Ltd. [♥♥♥♥♥]
〒 491-865 Ichinomiya City
Shida 4 chome 24
TEL: 0586-64-9625
10:00 to 19:00 (Tuesday closed)

ベースコーヒー株式会社 [♥♥♥♥♥]
〒491ー0865 一宮市

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