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You might be wondering why on earth I am writing about Google IT cert. on this blog.

As this blog subtitle says it I am about 70% cycling, 15% coffee and 15% coding learning.

The reason is my eternal sense of curiosity and interest about how things works led me to study various stuffs related to Computer Science like HTML, CSS, Python and SQL.

I have been learning Python coding for few year (because I took some time off, not because I learned all the deepness of this great language). I did enjoy so much the courses provided by the Dr. Chuck (aka Charles R. Severance) from University of Michigan I did enroll in the paid version of his courses on Coursera, the leading MOOC website.

From there I got hooked and pursued several courses on the theme of Computer Science.

Then recently I stumbled upon Google IT Support Professional Certification which is developed in partnership with Coursera.

My curiosity led me to give it a go to see and learn what it takes to be Certified by Google. The specialization is said to be 8 months long with an average of 10 hours of study per week. It is divided into 5 courses of 6 weeks each.

I just finished the Fundamentals Course 1 supposed to be done in 6 weeks much earlier than planned which allow me to move on to the Course 2 and proceed to deeper learning content.

As the first courses were a bit too entry level I had no difficulties to cover it and did not take time to record anything about it. I will try to write notes of the courses from now on as for personal references for future use.

Obviously there are many IT certification available online, what attracted me to this one is the fact it got the “Google” word on it which give a lot of credibility to it for the public, if that count.

Let’s see how it goes.

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