Google IT Certification Part II

Following up on last month personal challenge to pass the Google IT Support Professional Certificate.

Obviously things are getting more serious than the first part and the more I learn (or try to learn) about how networking works the more I realize how much I don’t know.

I have supplemented my studying source by opening a free account with IT Pro TV  . This give me an extra support to understand or reinforce “Geeky” concepts that I had difficulties to grasp with the Coursera course alone.

The thing that fascinate me the most during this course is how some people could come up with those concepts to make electricity work from the binary concept up to the now O so vital internet connected world. There are geniuses “out there”.

Now that I am about to embark for the 3rd part of this 5 stages course I expect my studying pace to drop as the Giro D’Italia will keep me a bit more busy for the three consecutive weeks of May the race will be held for.

I am enrolling for the 3rd part which is titled “Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User“. This sound exciting already!

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