Kedi Baskan Coffee Roaster – Tokoname (常滑市)

On the west coast of the Chiita Peninsula (知多半島) there is Ono Castle (大野城), a cute little castle on top of a hill between Shinmaiko (新舞子) and Tokoname city (常滑市) overlooking the bay.

It is located 800m off the road most cyclists takes when touring the Chiita Peninsula and I often climb up to the Ono castle to enjoy the view before returning to Nagoya via some quiet little country roads.

At the bottom of the hill stands Kedi Baskan Coffee Roaster (ケディバシュカン). A must stop if passing by!

drawing of a colorful elf

From outside it might not be obvious there are great coffees to be slurped inside. Don’t let the style of the place give you a wrong image.
The couple who run this Cafe Roaster has spent a lot of creativity to give the place a unique mix of grassroots and Bohemian atmosphere.
The cafe feels like a micro cosmos of its own where every object are turned into interior deco and most of the furniture is antique artifacts being exposed.

Interior view of Kedi Baskan Cafe
Cozy atmosphere at Kedi Baskan cafe

Coffee is roasted by small batches on a 2 kg Giesen Roaster (W6 Series) ensuring always fresh and flavorful coffees.

House blends are named “Gallo”, “Vincent” and “Raymond” which are based on the single origins coffees from Ethiopia, Mandarin (Indonesia), Guatemala, Brazil and Ecuador.

A cup of coffee
A cuppa of “Gallo” for the road

To accompany the flavorful black liquid there are choices of meals for those with empty stomach or homemade cakes for the ones with sweet tooth.

I strongly recommend the “Gallo” house blend with the homemade chocolate Brownie cake, it is amazing and worth the trip!

By the way the house blend coffees are named after the cats of the owners.

Kedi Başkan [♥♥♥♥♥]
1-31 Aomi Town,
Tokoname City,
〒 479-0004
Aichi Prefecture
Tel: 0569-89-9578
Closed: Every Tuesday, 1st, 3rd and 5th Monday

ケディバシュカン [♥♥♥♥♥]
Tel: 0569-89-9578

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