Google IT Certification Part III

Oh boy! This course was so easy I flew fast and smoothly until the final exam where I did actually hit a wall.

The main lesson here is to take attention to details and be resourceful when all seems to be perfectly written however the system keep refusing my bits of code.

The Virtual Machine powered by Qwiklabs seemed to be the culprit of my (and apparently many other fellow Coursera students) but thanks to Qwiklabs support team I realized the need to stretch my brain to look at things in a more creative way.

Writing in Linux is not difficult in itself, the main difficulty I found is that like any language you need to practice before you get fluent. But I don’t have much use of Linux language in my current daily life, yet.

I am taking a few days break before starting the 4th course as July is synonymous to “Tour de France” and my heart beat at the same pace as the riders pedals strokes per seconds.

However I’ll resume shortly to the Google IT Support Professional Certificate Specialization: System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services and report how it went.

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