Happy New Year 2022 DMCX Friend!

Happy New Year 2022 DMCX friend!

Yes I am aware I am running behind schedule with my pro bikes review but I have some good excuses.

See I moved to a Tropical Island in the beginning of 2021 and found myself cycling, running, snorkeling much more than I had anticipated. You may call this procrastination, I call it healthy lifestyle 😀

Ishigaki Island cycling on DMCX Bicycle Design
Ishigaki Island, Okinawa

Now I know how my paradise island looks like and what to expect of it I have worked out an ideal schedule of morning outdoor before the sun gets too strong then head to my desk and do my bike reviews Videos / Podcasts / Blogs.

The 2022 UCI World Tour season looks so exciting with all those riders transfers and bikes swaps.

I am so excited about all what to come and will get back to work as soon as I pushed the “Send” button of this message.

Thank you for being part of DMCX readers and for your great patience with my so delayed content.

Can you guess who will be the very first Rider I will review this year 2022? Please write your answer below this blog post and I’ll send you a DMCX cap if you get it right. (Be quick! I have almost finished writing the review)

Hint for you, it is one of the riders of Israel Start-Up Nation 2022.

Happy New Year 2022 DMCX Friend!

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