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DMCX Bicycles Design Podcasts are reviewing the bicycle sizes and specifications of the professional racers competing the UCI World Tour. It is technical and informative about bicycle frames geometry and riders fitting. It is dedicated to road bike and road racing lovers.

I am Micka Demonchaux and I have been involved in the bicycle industry since the early 1990’s including creating and opening bicycle shops in France and in Japan, creating a bicycle brand and designing order made Titanium bicycles.

I watch most of the UCI World Tour races all year long every years since ever. UCI World Tour races are Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Vuelta a Espana, Paris-Roubaix, Milan-San Remo, etc…

I get most of the information related to the pro bikes and their sizing from the riders and the manufacturers. Please let me know if you have any related hints.

Each DMCX Bicycles Podcast is the audio version of blog post about each rider. you can find the specific rider podcast by searching his name in the search box. As an example check Julian Alaphilippe blog post linked here: Julian Alaphilippe Bike Size .

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