Kedi Baskan Coffee Roaster – Tokoname (常滑市)

On the west coast of the Chiita Peninsula (知多半島) there is Ono Castle (大野城), a cute little castle on top of a hill between Shinmaiko (新舞子) and Tokoname city (常滑市) overlooking the bay.

It is located 800m off the road most cyclists takes when touring the Chiita Peninsula and I often climb up to the Ono castle to enjoy the view before returning to Nagoya via some quiet little country roads.

At the bottom of the hill stands Kedi Baskan Coffee Roaster (ケディバシュカン). A must stop if passing by!

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Base Coffee – Ichinomiya (一宮市)

Part of the the joy of cycling comes from the opportunities stop at Cafés along the ride. All of the cafés I review on this blog are top notch cafés which means they roast carefully selected coffee beans and and are not chain stores.

This time I introduce one of my favorite spot to hang my Titanium Café Racer, the Base Coffee roaster. Read more

Coffee Roaster Takou – Ōgaki City (大垣市)

A Cuppa For The Road

Last weekend I ran my last half-Marathon of the year in Ogaki City, Gifu prefecture.

Ogaki is small town located roughly 20 km West of Gifu city and less than 50km from Nagoya city.

Ogaki is unusual in Japan for having two beautiful castles, one located in town and the other 5km outside the city center.

I highly recommend the trip for the picturesque setting.

And while I am making recommendation about Ogaki tourist spots I want to mostly recommend the Coffee Roaster Takou cafe shop. Read more