Running Hakodate Marathon (函館マラソン)

After last year Kobe city Marathon as a first running experience I did set my 2019 running challenge to participate to the “Hakodate City Marathon” in Hokkaido (北海道).

The race being held in the coolest part of Japan, it felt wise to run it in summer despite the heat and humidity that hit the other Japanese islands at this period of the year.

The modest size of Hakodate city makes it easy to get to and around the city by walk or by tramway, and to the race start included.

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Running Ohme Marathon (青梅マラソン)

One week back after my trip in France I ran the 2019 Ohme Marathon which is actually a 30km Road running race, not a 42k event.

I entered the race totally unfit and under trained as I got flu virus two weeks before going to France and then went to France for 10 days with only one run training. Read more

I am not a Runner…But getting there

As I have wrote in an earlier post I was born riding a bicycle and have spent my whole life cycling.

In fact cycling always felt more natural than walking to me and I always hated running especially at school.

Probably because of seeing my surrounding moving at what it felt like slow-mo compared with cycling got me bored to the point I never been patient enough to enjoy the sport of running. Read more