Tour de France is in The Air

On a recent flight from Osaka to Paris I got delighted by the selection of the Video On Demand aboard the plane.

The Flight AF0291 from Air France had the Tour de France 2018 3 weeks highlights video available on board.

photo of Tour de France map on TV screen in plane
It is “France is in the Air” as says Air France moto

It might mean little for a mere mortal but for a bicycle Otaku it means a lot to have a 10 hours flight shortened by a one hour and half of most exciting entertaiment.

It is interesting to see cycling getting a broader audience as the years pass by. On the flight back I got to watch a dutch movie called “Ventoux“, about 4 friends going back to climb the mighty Mont Ventoux in their 40s in memory of their teenage first trip there.

For sure looking out of the window is entertaining too as the plane glide over Mount Fuji and snow covered Japan Alps before flying over Russian steps for the most of the remain of the flight.

View of Japan Alps through the window of the plane
Mount Fuji can be seen on the horizon aboard flight AF0291 (Osaka-Paris)

Watching cycling biggest event is definitely something I was not expecting while traveling at 900km/h and at 10.000m in the air.

Thank you for that Air France! Now you can truly use the brand moto: “France is in the Air

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