Mathieu Van Der Poel’s 2022 Canyon Aeroad CFR Bike Size

It has long been a request among DMCX website readers, I finally got enough data to review Mathieu Van Der Poel’s 2022 Canyon Aeroad CFR Bike Size.

This is the beginning of a new era in road bike cycling; The end of 11 speed.

Shimano released its long awaited 12 speed group set on the last week of the Vuelta 2021. Despite being glued to my laptop screen I could not spot any pros finishing the Vuelta a Espana with the new 12 speed groupset.
The Vuelta 2021 was thus the last Grand Tour raced (and Won!) on a 11 speed road bikes.

The first Pro rider to be officially racing on Shimano’s new 12 speed Dura Ace group set is Mathieu Van Der Poel.

No need to introduce who is Mathieu Van Der Poel (aka MVDP) here since you must be knowing him since you landed on this page.

I’ll spare you time and jump straight to the fun part of reviewing Mr. Van Der Poel’s Canyon Aeroad CFR 2022 bike size and set up.

By reading further you will find the following information:

  • What is Mathieu Van Der Poel’s 2022 Bike Size and set up?
  • Mathieu’s Complete bike specification for nerds
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