Geraint Thomas’ 2022 Bike Size

This page focus on Geraint Thomas’ 2022 Bike Size.
The Welsh road cyclist is racing the Tour de France for the Team Ineos – Grenadier.
With 12 participation in the Tour de France, four on the Giro d’Italia, and one Vuelta a Espana, Geraint Thomas has a tremendous experience of racing on the Grand Tours.
He is the winner of the 2018 Tour de France edition.

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Now that the presentation of the champion is done, let’s roll into the bike nerd’s content.

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Thomas’ 2022 Bike Size

Geraint Thomas is 1m83 tall and races on the Pinarello Dogma F size 54cm.

sketch of Geraint Thomas' 2022 Bike Size
Geraint Thomas’ 2022 Pinarello Dogma Bike Size 54cm

On the Pinarello’s size chart the 54cm corresponds to the measure of the seat tube from the center of the bottom bracket to a virtual horizontal line.

Geraint Thomas uses the good old Fizik Arione saddle which is at 787mm from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle. The seat post has a 15mm setback.
The Fizik Arione is a long saddle type that uses to be popular a few years ago, nowadays a lot of riders in the peloton are racing on a short saddle type.
The long saddle type allows the rider to move forward when getting in a position of high intensity like in a climb or a chase. As you can see on this excellent picture on Stage 7 of the Tour de France 2022.
While on the subject of Geraint Thomas’ saddle, he uses it with a -1 Degree inclination at the front.

Thomas’s MOST stem is 130mm in length with a 10mm spacer, and the handlebar has 400 C-C widths.

Simple is Marginal Gain

Geraint Thomas’s bike setup is simple and “as per the manual”, all Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 12-speeds and disc brake type. No ceramic bearings or any exotic parts.

Thomas uses a 175mm crankset arm’s length with Shimano Dura-Ace SPD-SL pedals.

On the Tour de France mountain stages, Geraint Thomas uses the new Shimano Dura-Ace C36 tubular wheels (WH-R9270-C36 TL+TU) with Continental Grand Prix 5000 S of 28mm of section.

Despite team Ineos – Grenadier being famous for its marginal gains strategies, the bike has a 160mm front disc brake rotor on all terrain. Some teams do fit 140mm front rotor on their lightweight rider’s bikes even on mountain stages.

Consistency of Fitting

Geraint Thomas is known for not being a maniac regarding his bike position. There is a story about him riding someone else spare bike without realizing the bike’s size was not his size.
Throughout the years, Geraint has kept a consistent position on his bike. Of course, staying on the same bike brand since 2010 simplifies things and minimizes the stress of adapting to a new bike geometry.

What Does Geraint wear?

Geraint Thomas races with Ineos – Grenadier’s Bioracer Jersey, bib-shorts, gloves, and socks. He wears a Kask helmet, iconic white color Oakley sunglasses, and Giro imperial cycling shoes, yes in white color of course! The Shimano cleats are yellow ones (SM-SH11) with 5 degrees of float.

Geraint Thomas’ Pinarello Dogma F 2022 cost approximately US$13,200.

Geraint Thomas’ 2022 Bike Size post is a developing story, and I’ll update you as soon as more material information becomes available.

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