Peter’s Bike: Modern Ti Gravel

It is at a Cafe I first met Peter during a Coffee Ride and as the saying goes “Birds of The Same Feather Flock Together” we soon counted Peter as part of our DMCX Coffee Rides.

I let Peter tell the full story below…

Sketch of titanium gravel bike designed for PEter
Titanium Gravel Bike designed for Peter

I met Micka at a café in Japan during a ride of mine a few years back. When he brought up that he designs titanium bikes, I was intrigued and had to know more. I had been thinking about buying a custom frame for quite some time because of my height at 6’ tall and awkward 36” inseam. This is not a normal body type and has caused several issues with big box brands. So, I thought about it for a year and then decided to move forward. However, it was not just my sizing that drew my attention, it was the titanium and customization. I wanted to build exactly what I wanted.

photo of titanium gravel bike front of red wall
Ribinou Titanium gravel bike

I liked working with Micka because he listens. I had talked with other custom fabricators who would tell me what I wanted and I did not like that. Micka offers incredible insight, but in the end, I got to decide what the geometry and style would be. We went back and forth about angles, heights, lengths and concluded with what is my dream bike. I will never buy another road bike after this. It is too perfect and the titanium is incredible. The welding is impeccable and I have never seen such precision on a frame. At races and events, everyone is shocked by the craftsmanship and welds.

Titanium bicycle in the street in USA

My dream bike was one that represented the current state of modern cycling. A lot of people buy nostalgic bikes of previous generations (which is cool as well), but I wanted something that would turn into a collector on its own. What we ended up with was a semi-aggressive top-tube, clearance for larger tires, oversized headtube, and disc brakes. I wanted something that was fast, but comfortable. I live in Michigan, USA which has a lot of gravel riding and wanted tire clearance as an option. He also packaged a carbon fork with the frame from a request of mine and I love it. I will never ride anything other than titanium thanks to Micka.

A big thanks to Micka and what he created. Anything you want, he can make it happen and I highly recommend your next bike come from him.

photo of DMCX titanium frame

Frame features:

  • Rear spacing: 142mm x 12mm TA axle type
  • BB shell: 68mm threaded BSA type
  • Disc brake type: Direct mount
  • 34.9mm Seat tube (front derailleur / seat clamps) / 31.8mm seat tube internal diameter
  • 44mm Head tube
  • Internal cable routing
  • 700x 35c tire clearance


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