Alexander Kristoff’s 2022 bike size

Are you looking for Alexander Kristoff’s 2022 bike size while he races with the team Intermarche – Wanty – Gobert Materiaux?
Either you are a fan of one of the most famous Norvegian pro cyclists, or you are 1m81 tall like Kristoff, or maybe both, anyway you will find what you are looking for on this page.

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Alexander Kristoff was riding with team UAE on the Colnago VRS3 in 2021, and he will ride another bike for another team in 2023 as he will race for team Uno-X Pro Cycling, from his homeland Norway.

But for now, let’s focus on Kristoff’s 2022 bike, the Cube Litening C68X Team Edition.
Alexander Kristoff rides the Cube Litening C68X size 54cm.

Tour de France 2022 – 109th Edition, Stage 4, 171,5KM with start in Dunkerque and finish in Calais held on 5/07/2022_FRANCE,Calais. (Photo by Alessandro Volders / @cyclingmedia_agency).

The Cube Litening C68X is the aero road bike model the sprinters of the team Intermarche – Wanty – Gobert use on flat and fast-rolling hills races.

The frame is designed to be stiff laterally with a beefed-up Bottom-Bracket (BB) junction with the down-tube and seat tube.
It is the bike used by the sprinters of the team like Alexander Kristoff and Biniam Girmay. (See Biniam Girmay’s 2022 Bike Size here)

Alexander Kristoff’s Bike Fit

sketch of Alexander Kristoff's 2022 bike size Cube Litening C68X Team Edition 2022 Size 54cm
Alexander Kristoff’s Cube Litening C68X Team Edition 2022 Size 54cm

Kristoff has his Prologo saddle is at 787mm height measured from the center of the BB to the top of the saddle.
The saddle is at 79mm setback and 600mm from the tip of the saddle to the handlebar reach.
Kristoff uses a 130mm stem length and 420mm handlebars width.
The handlebars drop is 154mm with some 15mm spacers under the stem.

Like most pro cyclists of 1m81 tall, Kristoff uses 175mm cranks arm’s length.
Despite a slightly different frame geometry with his 2021 Colnago V3RS, Kristoff has kept a consistent fitting on his 2022 Cube Litening C68X. (See Alexander Kristoff’s Colnago V3RS Bike Size here)

Kristoff’s Colnago Vs Cube C68X

One thing I notice by analyzing Kristoff’s two bikes’ geometries is the Cube Litening C68X is more aerodynamic than the Colnago V3RS.

Yes, of course, the Cube is a size 54cm, and his Colnago V3RS was the equivalent of a size 56cm.

However, the Colnago has a lower BB than the Cube, so the rider’s center of gravity is lower, which is a great advantage, especially when going down zigzagging mountain roads.
The Cube has a shorter head-tube allowing the riders to adjust their handlebar heights more aerodynamically and ultimately decreasing drag.

The two bikes’ comparison is purely related to what Alexander Kristoff rides as I don’t think it is fair to compare the two bikes as they are not designed for the same category of riders.

Team Bike’s Marginal Gains

One another thing that remains consistent on Kristoff’s bike in 2022 is he races with the same Look pedals model as the whole Intermarche – Wanty – Gobert team uses the Look Keo Carbon Blade ceramic Ti pedals.

Alexander Kristoff’s Cube Litening C68X bike is rolling on Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 12-speed, disc groupset.
The wheels are the Newmen fitted with the Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR tubeless tires.
Regarding the marginal gains, the tires are filled with Effetto Mariposa tires sealant and the chain is waxed with FlowerPower wax from the same company.

Bryton provides the “Rider 500” GPS head units. The bottle cages and bottles are supplied by Elite.

Alexander Kristoff wears Nalini cycling jerseys, bib-shorts and gloves, DMT SH1 white and black cycling shoes with Look Delta grey cleats, and a Force helmet and sunglasses.

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