Alexander Kristoff’s Colnago V3RS Bike Size 2021

This post is dedicated to Alexander Kristoff’s Colnago V3RS Bike Size 2021.

Alexander Kristoff is a powerful Norvegian sprinter racing for the UAE Team during the 2020/2021. Although Alexander has been racing on the Colnago Concept Aero Road until he Tour de France 2019, since the end of 2019 he has been racing on the Colnago V3RS rim brake type. Then he seems to have switched to the V3RS disc model since his re-start of the racing season on the Milano-Torino 2020.

It is interesting to note the fact the Team UAE is racing with mixed rim and disc brakes bikes in the same race. Sprinters seems to be on disc brakes. Climbers aiming at GC classification are on Rim brakes.

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Dan Martin’s Bike Size 2020

As I have been doing some research for this blogpost on Dan Martin’s bike size I have spent an unhealthy amount of time for my eyes and neck staring the Factor frame.

The Factor frames are top of the game in the league of lightweight carbon frames with the O2 VAM disc under 700gr. I will cover more about it on a dedicated blogpost.

For now let’s focus on the best Climber of Ireland, Dan Martin’s bike size.

After two years racing on a Colnago V2-r, Dan Martin have changed team and he is racing the 2020-21 on the super lightweight Factor O2 VAM road racing bike.

Dan Martin is racing 2020 UCI WorldTour season for the Team Israel Start-Up Nation. Factor bikes is the official bike supplier of the Team Israel Start-Up Nation.

The climbers of the team like Dan Martin and Nills Polit use the Factor O2 VAM. The fast and powerful sprinters like Ande Greipel and Rick Zabel use the Factor One. All the team riders use the same Time Trial model, the Factor SLiCK.

Dan is a lightweight climber, he weight is 59kg at peak fitness for 1m75 tall. I wonder where he get so much energy from while climbing so fast.

I like Dan’s riding style as he got his own characteristic profile that can be recognized among the peloton.

Read further if you want to find out more about Dan Martin’s bike size. Be aware this is Nerdy content featuring frame geometry and specification.

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