Jumbo Visma’s TT Carbon Shoes

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The riders of the team Jumbo-Visma are on top of the Marginal gain game.
Cycling is a sport where every second counts and each detail can lead to a win or a loss.

HandMade in a Garage

To demonstrate how much Jumbo-Visma takes this marginal gain seriously, let’s talk about Wout Van Aert, Jonas Vingegaard, and Primoz Roglic feet on stage one of the Tour de France 2022.

Jonas Vingegaard rides Jumbo Visma's TT shoes on stage 20 of tour de France 2022
23/07/2022 – Tour de France 2022 – Stage 20 – Lacappelle-Marival / Rocamadour (40,7km ITT) – VINGEGAARD Jonas (JUMBO – VISMA) / A.S.O / Pauline Ballet

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There are a lot of different brands of cycling shoes in the peloton but very few are extreme as the ones used by the three champions of the team Jumbo-Visma.

The three men are racing the Time-Trial stages with custom-made carbon shoes that cost over 1,500 Euros a pair.

The custom-made carbon shoes are handmade by Cornelis Tesptra under the brand name Antiloper Cycling.

Tesptra works in his garage in Bitgummole, a small village 150km bike ride north from Amsterdam, and is known by track World and Olympic champions.

Supersonic shoes

The shoes are one-piece molded over the feet of the athlete.
To ensure all the power from the thighs ends up on the pedals as directly as possible there is no space inside the shoes.
Nails have to be well groomed and trimmed before the molding to ensure an optimal fitting.

Looking at the shoe’s shape, the Antiloper looks triangular and super narrow at the front like the front of a supersonic jet.
At the back of the shoes and to optimize the aerodynamics of the shoe, there is one dial button like the BOA system allowing to tighten up the shoe’s entry.

Wout Van Aert riding stage 20 of Tour de France 2022
23/07/2022 – Tour de France 2022 – Stage 20 – Lacappelle-Marival / Rocamadour (40,7km CLM) – VAN AERT Wout (JUMBO – VISMA)/ Credit A.S.O. / Charly Lopez

Those Shoes Are Made to Ride

The Antiloper carbon shoes are designed to ride only.
The shoes are very stiff and uncomfortable.
Their purpose is not to walk around like we do when going for a cafe ride.
The shoe’s only purpose is to transfer all the rider’s power efficiently.
Saving precious seconds on tracks and time trials. Like on Stage 1 and 20 of the Tour de France 2022.

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Jumbo Visma’s TT Carbon Shoes

Stage one of the Tour de France 2022 was rainy and short, as a result, very few pictures are available.
I am sharing below links to pictures of each three riders wearing their Antiloper shoes as seen on Copenhague / Copenhague stage one of the Tour.

Wout Van Aert wearing his Antiloper on Stage one. (Getty images)
Primoz Roglic with his hidden carbon shoes on Getty images the day before Stage 1 of tour de France 2022.
Jonas Vingegaard is also wearing his custom-made Antiloper on Bettini’s Sprint photo Agency.

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