Colnago V4Rs’ sizes and specifications

This page focuses on the Colnago V4Rs’ sizes and specifications.
The Colnago V4Rs has been commercially released in 2023 to the public.

Post Ernesto Colnago Era

The UAE Team Emirates and UAE Team ADQ are racing on the Colnago V4Rs since the beginning of the 2023 UCI World Tour season.
As I am writing this page on March 2023, both teams have already won several races aboard the Colnago V4Rs, which validates the new bike is performing as expected.

The V4Rs is the first Colnago bike designed without Ernesto Colnago. Hence you cannot find his signature on the bike.
The Colnago company has been bought in 2020 by Chimera Investments LLC, a private investment company from UAE.

The prototype has been tested by several riders of the UAE team throughout the 2022 season.
Various versions of the prototype with different carbon fiber orientations were developed and tested throughout the 2022 season by the UAE Team Emirates riders.
The commercial model has been officially released as the Colnago V4Rs in 2023.

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Stronger, Faster, Lighter

According to Colnago, compared to the V3Rs, the V4Rs bottom-bracket junction is 4% stiffer laterally in sprint position, and the front triangle is 5% stiffer in all-round riding seated position.

The frame is more aerodynamic with 13.2 Watts saving at 50km/h. This reference is impressive to me as I mostly get to this speed on the way down.

The new lightweight fork of the V4Rs has 32mm tire clearance.

Like all the Colnago V models, the V4Rs is a monocoque carbon frame made in Taiwan.

There are seven frame sizes of V4Rs, and they all have the same fork size of 379mm length and 43mm rake, the same Bottom-Bracket drop of 72mm, and the same 408mm chainstays length.

The S in the V4Rs stands for Sloping frame design. This means the seat tube is short, and the top tube drops lower toward the rear of the frame.
This design has a few advantages such as making the frame stiffer laterally It also provides more room when riding out of the saddle on a climb.

Since the seat tube is shorter, this size must not be used to select your future frame.
A more reliable measure is to look at the top tube length, the frame reach, and the frame stack.

Seven Sizes of V4Rs

The seven Colnago V4Rs sizes according to Colnago frame charts are 420, 455, 485, 510, 530, 550, and 570.
Again, let me repeat myself, these are referring to the short seat tube length.
For example, do not select the 530 thinking it is a size 53cm, it is a size 58cm.

I’ll go through each V4Rs frame size below to decode the sizing.

Sketch of Colnago V4Rs Bike size 420
Colnago V4Rs Bike size 420 / Credits DMCX.COM

The smallest V4Rs is the 420m which corresponds approximately to a size of 50cm. It features a 504mm top tube length, 372mm of reach, and 510mm of Stack.

sketch of Colnago V4Rs bike size 455
Colnago V4Rs 455 bike size / Credits DMCX.COM

The V4Rs frame Colnago size 455 is equivalent to a 52cm frame.
It has a 517mm top tube length, 377mm of reach, and 522mm of stack.

sketch of Colnago V4Rs bike size 485
Colnago V4Rs bike size 485 / Credits DMCX.COM

The V4Rs size 485 corresponds to a size of 54cm.
It features a top tube of 535mm, a 539mm stack, and 385mm of reach.
It is the size ridden by Tadej Pogacar. Read Tadej Pogacar’s bike size here.

sketch of Colnago V4Rs bike size 510 geometry
Colnago V4Rs bike size 510 geometry / Credits DMCX.COM

V4Rs size 510 is equivalent to a frame size of 56cm. The top tube is 550mm, the stack is 557mm, and the reach is 390mm.

sketch of Colnago V4Rs bike size 530 geometry
Colnago V4Rs bike size 530 geometry / Credits DMCX.COM

If you did follow along, you already know the V4Rs size 530 corresponds to a frame size of 57.5~58cm.
The top tube is 576mm, the stack is 575mm, and the reach is 397mm.

sketch of Colnago V4Rs bike size 550 geometry
sketch of Colnago V4Rs bike size 550 geometry / Credits DMCX.COM

The V4Rs size 550 corresponds to a frame size of 59cm.
It is designed with a 586mm top tube length, 593mm of stack, and 405mm of reach.

sketch of Colnago V4Rs bike size 570 geometry
The largest Colnago V4Rs bike size 570 geometry / Credits DMCX.COM

Then the biggest V4Rs frame size is 570 which is approximately a 61cm frame size equivalent.
This big frame has a top tube length of 599mm, 612mm of stack, and 412mm of reach.

Test Rides and Get Fitted

Whatever the size charts say, the best way to select a bike frame is to do some test rides. References on paper are only references.
As we all have different body sizes, weights, flexibility, and muscular masses, it is impossible to give any recommendation just based on frame charts.

I receive many messages from DMCX readers asking which frame size they should select.
My best answer is to do a test ride, and if possible get a bike fitting from a local bike fitter who can assess your specific needs.

However, you are welcome to send me a friendly message on my Instagram about the Colnago V4Rs’ sizes and specifications.

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