Running Hakodate Marathon (函館マラソン)

After last year Kobe city Marathon as a first running experience I did set my 2019 running challenge to participate to the “Hakodate City Marathon” in Hokkaido (北海道).

The race being held in the coolest part of Japan, it felt wise to run it in summer despite the heat and humidity that hit the other Japanese islands at this period of the year.

The modest size of Hakodate city makes it easy to get to and around the city by walk or by tramway, and to the race start included.

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Caleb Ewan’s Ridley Noah Fast 2019 Bike Size

Caleb Ewan is a prominent Australian Sprinter racing for the Lotto-Soudal especially famous for his sprinting style and his bike position is particularly .

Caleb is a 165cm sprinter racing the 2019 season on a XS frame size Ridley Noah Fast for most sprint stages including the Tour de France.

One of the most unusual particularity of the bike is it is fitted with a 150mm stem length. Try to convince your local bike shop you want a XS size frame mated with a XXXL size stem… Read more

Tour de France 2019 Bikes and Teams

176 pro riders took the start of the 2019 Tour de France 2019 on July 6th.

As the racers embark on a 3 weeks race journey over a great variety of roads I will keep close eyes on their bike settings.
Not all bikes are the same even within the same team and no two bikes have the same set up.
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Google IT Certification Part III

Oh boy! This course was so easy I flew fast and smoothly until the final exam where I did actually hit a wall.

The main lesson here is to take attention to details and be resourceful when all seems to be perfectly written however the system keep refusing my bits of code. Read more

Kedi Baskan Coffee Roaster – Tokoname (常滑市)

On the west coast of the Chiita Peninsula (知多半島) there is Ono Castle (大野城), a cute little castle on top of a hill between Shinmaiko (新舞子) and Tokoname city (常滑市) overlooking the bay.

It is located 800m off the road most cyclists takes when touring the Chiita Peninsula and I often climb up to the Ono castle to enjoy the view before returning to Nagoya via some quiet little country roads.

At the bottom of the hill stands Kedi Baskan Coffee Roaster (ケディバシュカン). A must stop if passing by!

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