What 3 Words? The cool mapping system

Specifically.funkier.hyping is the address

Today I am writing about “tech” stuff as I got so excited with the understanding of the potential of What3Words mapping system.

Photo of cyclist going down the summer sunny mountain road

Reliable GPS and mapping system is a great asset for cycling in Japan country side. It helps to do meticulous research to select ideal routes for future rides.

It is also useful great to have a GPS and mapping system during a ride to ensure you know where you are at a given time, especially in Japan where even in a city it is difficult to know on which street you are, in country side it is like being left by yourself to figure it out until you arrive to an intersection and there is a road sign.

I mainly use Strava as a “Sport social Network” by just uploading my done rides or runs, the mapping tools I use to prepare rides on “unknown roads (to me) are usually a combination of  “RideWithGPS” and “Magic Earth” (Magic Earth is fantastic for guided run!).

I recently came across What3Words as an additional mapping tool that I can see useful for locating precise places during a ride or run.

screenshot of the gps position among 3m by 3m square on top of mountain
As the address says my shot was taken at specifically.funkier.hyping

Basically What3Words mapped the world with 57 trillion 3m by 3 m squares and each square is associated with 3 unique words. There are no two similar 3 words combination.

You just need to name or point to the 3 words to remember a precise location or address that no other mapping system is able to locate as precisely.

The app is lightweight as it contain only 12MB of Algorithm, it enable it to work online or offline which is really practical when you are in an area with no GPS signal or internet (Yes there are such places in Japan even in 2019!)

It can work in combination with any other mapping apps so you don’t need to worry about which map to use, it works with them all.

The What3Words mapping is used by Airbnb in Mongolia for locating local nomads tents where people can stay, Genius!

I don’t have plans to go to Mongolia doing some rides but already ideas of using it for tagging meeting points and coffees spots on our group rides.

The use of this system is wide and growing, it is especially practical in case of natural disasters or wars, it allow to locate a place efficiently when there is no more streets to use as reference.

Give it a try and let me know your thoughts 🙂

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