Daryl Impey’s 2022 bike size

This post is about Daryl Impey’s 2022 Bike Size.
The South-African pro cyclist races the UCI World Tour for Israel – Premier Tech team.
Daryl Impey is nine times South Africa Individual Time Trial champion and a fast sprinter too.
He can win a sprint stage in front of sprinters as he did on the 2022 Tour de Suisse’s stage 4 at the age of 36 years old.

The Factor Ostro VAM bike analysis on this page reflects the bike as ridden during the season 2022 including La Vuelta a Espana.
Impey is not only fast on flat roads, but he is also an excellent climber based in Andorra.

This to emphasizes the range of skills of the man and the good use he makes of his bike.

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Impey’s Bike Size

Daryl Impey is 1m81 tall and he rides the Factor Ostro VAM 2022 size 54cm.

Sketch of Daryl Impey's 2022 bike size
Daryl Impey’s 2022 Factor Ostro VAM bike size 54cm / Credits:

The Factor Ostro VAM is a perfect fit for riders like Daryl. It is a lightweight Aero road bike designed to effectively deliver the power of the rider in fast sprint bursts and able to climb Hors Category mountain stages.

Impey has a very similar fitting on his Factor Ostro Vam as he had on his 2020 Scott Addict RC. (See Daryl Impey’s 2020 bike Size).

His saddle is set at 770mm hight measured from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle.

He uses a 0mm setback seat post and his saddle position is at 70mm setback (measured from the tip of the saddle to the virtual vertical line going through the center of the bottom bracket).

The BlackInck stem and handlebar combo are 140mm in length and the handlebar width is 400mm (C-C).
The distance between the front of the saddle and the center of the handlebar is 600mm.

11 Speeds

Daryl Impey uses a 175mm Rotor crankset arm’s length fitted with round chainrings, Shimano Dura-Ace SPD pedals, and Scott Road RC Evo cycling shoes, in white color. (as the favorite color of the pro peloton)
The riders of Israel-Premier Tech don’t have a shoes team’s sponsor.

Despite the Shimano 12-speed Dura-Ace groupset being seen on some teams among the pro peloton, the Factor bikes of Israel-PremierTech are still rolling with the 11-speed Dura-Ace Di2 components.

This is explained by the fact Shimano is not an official sponsor of the team Israel-PremierTech. Shimano’s priority is to supply its official sponsored team first.

However, having 11-speed or 12-speed is not affecting Daryl’s performance. He won Stage 4 of Tour de Suisse in front of fast riders with 12-speed Shimano Dura-Ace.

Marginal gains

The whole team Israel – Premier Tech has access to the full range of BlackInc wheels. Daryl Impey races the sprints on the 60mm rim height fitted with Maxxis High Road SL tubular tires in 700x25c size.

The Factor Ostro bike is tuned with CreamicSpeed ceramic bearings in the bottom bracket and wheel hubs. The chain is waxed with Split Second chain wax.

Daryl Impey’s 2022 Factor Ostro VAM’s price is approximately US$ 15,000 with the BlackInc Sixty wheels.

You might also be interested to see another Factor Ostro VAM in size 54cm, Chris Froome’s 2022 Bike Size.

Check Daryl Impey’s Youtube Vlog channel, it is a great opportunity to see pro cyclist point of view on their daily life.

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