What is Michael Woods 2022 Factor Bike size?

Are you 1m75 tall and looking to buy a Factor Ostro road bike? Or are you interested to know what is Michael Woods 2022 Factor bike size?

Well in both case I am responding to these questions in this page.

Michael Woods is racing the UCI World Tour with Israel-Premier Tech team on Factor bikes.

Michael “Rusty” Woods is not a typical bike racer. He used to be a used to be a professional runner until 2011. But stopped his running career after running stress injuries. He switched to road bike racing at age 25 and turned Neo Pro at age 29. Making him one of the oldest “Neo Pro” on the UCI World Tour circuit at the time.

That’s a huge accomplishment in itself!
You might be wondering why I am taking the time to explain these facts when I could have went straight to the point with his bike size.

Let’s go to the facts, by reading further you will find out the following details about “Rusty” Woods:

  • What is Michael Woods 2022 Factor Bike Size?
  • Why Michael Woods this size of crankset?
  • What are the specification of Woods’ Factor Ostro?
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What is Ben Hermans Bike size 2020 ?

Do you want to know what is Ben Hermans Bike size 2020 ?

The friendly Belgian professional cyclist is racing the 2020 season with the Team Israel Start-Up Nation. (Renamed Team Israel-Premier Tech on January 2022)
Ben Hermans is racing mostly on the FACTOR O2 VAM Disc which is the Lightweight climbing bike model from FACTOR.

Ben had a tremendous year 2019 and have won several multi stages races including the Tour of Austria and the Tour of UTAH.
As I look at Ben’s racing result it seems like he is getting more performant over the years.

Ben Hermans is not a “pure climber” as he weight 72kg at peak form for 1m86 tall however he is definitely a climber hence the reason for him to race on the FACTOR climbing model.

Read further this post to find out more about Ben Hermans bike:

What is Ben Hermans bike size and fitting?
Which crank length and stem length Hermans uses?
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